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Independent Website Promotion: free ways to promote the website

Independent website promotion can be done by anyone, but it requires some amount of money (to buy the links) and a lot of time. How much money do we need to buy the links? It depends on the region where you plan to promote your website and on the theme of your resource.

Either way, the promotion of the website has the following scheme:

• Selection of key requests that will be used to promote your site;

• Defining the website pages that are relevant to the promoted requests;

• Adjusting the promoted pages;

• Purchasing the links for promoted pages;

• Observing the resource reach the top.

Let us examine each of these steps in details.

1. Selection of the key requests

Getting to the selection of the keywords, you should already decide what keyword phrases will promote your resource. If you're having trouble with the selection of the keywords, use the service rookee.ru.

2. Defining the website pages that are relevant to the chosen requests

Now you need to determine the website pages that are relevant from the standpoint of Yandex. In order to do this, use the search on the website. Yandex will display in the first place the most relevant page of the resource according to the request. And exactly this page is needed to promote these requests. If you find it difficult to identify these pages, you can again apply to the service rookee.

If the requests overlap and are available at a price, or one request dilutes the other (for example, the main request is "website promotion", it can be diluted with the keys such as "independent website promotion" and "free website promotion"), then you can promote not one, but several key phrases for the same page.

If you can find a lot of requests for the pages of your website, and you have no time to check each of them manually, you can use the service seopult.ru. This service selects the relevant pages for you to promote your key requests. And seopult.ru allows you to estimate how much money you may need to promote the website. If the amount is bigger than you can afford, you can always correct it by returning to the selection of the other keywords. By the way, this service can also buy the links for you. If you don’t trust the system seopult.ru, you can skip step 4. If you are not ready for additional spending, be sure to review the fourth step.

3. Optimizing the promoted pages

Independent website promotion will be successful if you optimize the promoted pages. In order to do this you need to create a text of a certain volume, where a certain number of entries will be observed. From the standpoint of Yandex, the entries should be relevant to your key demands. In order to determine how many entries you need, let’s carry out competitor analysis, using the same Yandex. Type in a search line the key request and analyze your competitors that are in the TOP. Look at how many entries they use, the volume of their texts, and reject the most extraordinary results. You need to compile the text, which has approximately the same volume and same number of entries.

If there are a lot of pages or you have no desire to do this work yourself, refer to the system rookie, and its tool such as the analysis of the web pages.

Is everything examined and weighed up? It is time to make the required text (to order the copywriter to do it), not forgetting to take into account the necessary number of entries of a key request. Is the text made? Place it on your resource, pointing out a key request in the keywords, title, and description and in h1. And remember - you should place only the unique text on the promoted page!

4. Purchasing the links

One of the major steps in website promotion is purchasing the links. Purchased links must meet two conditions: To be the most natural and certainly diverse. Links should be bought from blogs (reviews and posts - in gogetlinks, blogun), from the blocks of links (the rent - in sape), and from the text pages (articles and contextual links - sape). To save time, you can use the system rookie for purchasing qualitative temporal and eternal links. By the way, this service has a new format of links - seo-ads.

A few words about the systems:

• blogun.ru. This is an exchange where you can buy eternal links from the blogs. There are many sites in "Blogun". They are not always qualitative, but there are low prices. If "gogetlinks" is too expensive for you, you should buy the links here;

www.sape.ru. This is the most famous exchange of links in ru.net. The major part of the companies engaged in the websites promotion often uses this system, because it has a lot of sites, both qualitative and not. The more expensive the site is, the higher its quality is. Also, we should mention that for quite a reasonable price you'll be able to pick up normal sites to purchase the links. Most of the links are better to be bought here. Sape.ru system is not static; it has an exchange of articles and eternal links and offers many new useful services;

gogetlinks.net. It’s another exchange, where you can buy eternal links from blogs. The major part of the sites is of high quality, and therefore the prices aren’t low. But it’s necessary for you to buy a few links here;

miralinks.ru. It’s the excellent exchange of the eternal articles from bdbd, the best representative of the Russian promotion market. Here you will find qualitative sites and fairly big prices, however, as practice shows, the purchase of articles on this exchange gives good results. Be sure to have some amount of money to purchase a few articles here, especially if you are promoting expensive key requests, which can hardly be promoted only with the help of the "sap»...

If, while independent website promoting, you are going to run it trough the catalogs’ bases, do it carefully. Often the run through the catalogs does more harm than use. For registration you should select only truly high-qualitative catalogs.

Promoting key requests, particularly the expensive and high-frequency one, you should be sure to use the word forms and to dilute the texts of the links with additional words. If, for example, you promote the request "site promotion", you can use the following word-forms, "the promotion of sites", "website promotion", and to dilute it as following "free site promotion" "independent site promotion", "website promotion in Yaroslavl", "qualitative site promotion", etc. And you also need the links without the keywords: "here", "order", "detailed", URL of the website, etc. It is possible to choose cheap sites for website dilution and as for the direct entries – you should use only high-qualitative and more expensive sites.

If the purchased links are not from the articles and the context, they need to be surrounded with the linking text. Make the search engines consider the links that lead to your website as the most natural. Do not buy links from the footer and totally corrupt sites: the closer to the top the link transferring to your site is, the better it is for your website.

If you promote your resource in a certain region, purchase a few links from regional sites. And don’t forget to point out the name of the city in the links and the linking text.

And one more: links should be bought gradually over several months, but not at the same time.

5. Track the website reaching the top

Independent promotion of the site also suggests tracking its rise to the TOP. Watching the growth of the positions of your website, from time to time analyze the TOP, continue to purchase links, and, if necessary, correct the text. It’s possible to check the place of your website in the TOP manually or through the online services and software (a report of rookie system, seumka.ru, etc.).

That's all that we wanted to say about the independent promotion of the websites. If this article aroused your interest and you have enough free time to learn the ins and outs of promotion, we wish you to promote your website well! If you have no time to do it or you are not interested in this process, please contact us. We’ll professionally promote your website in search engines and deduce it to the TOP! Anyway, we hope that our article was useful for you, and you learned something new about the promotion of a website from it...

Анализ интернет магазина

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